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CCD and CMOS research platform for high-speed scanner test report-CCD, CMOS, high-speed scanner - Education Industry
Recently, the largest and most authoritative third-party testing, certification?? China Software Evaluation Centre for the CCD and CMOS high-speed platform Scanners Product Technology Research and testing, the subjects are based on CCD and CMOS platform platform Kodak i1220

High-speed rail drag or pull the economy will not lead to a crisis, experts say - High Speed Rail, the Chinese economy, debt - construction machinery
The United States have a "sub-prime crisis", because of its investment is a large bubble of virtual economy, and our high-speed rail investment is the real economy, not the excess capacity of assets??

India's High Speed Rail's ambitions and dilemmas - High Speed Rail, Mechanical - Machinery Industry
By the end of December 2009, China Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway speed of 350 km of the world's fastest train, which attracted their way to building high-speed rail in India's attention. Mumbai, an old man holding a news published in newspapers in China iron thumbs up, Indian media have begun to play their heated discussions when the high-speed rail could be launched.

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